Today’s fast-paced marketplace requires mutually beneficial collaborations to leverage creativity, experience and resources. Genesis Corp is none than other companies which are able to strike success and promise the advantages and benefits of collaborations to be prioritised in every strategic plan. There are two main collaborations that Genesis Corp made to date; these include collaborators from SAMBAS ASMC Global Pte Ltd (ASMC) and Dolphin Application Sdn Bhd.



Incorporated in Singapore, ASMC is a company operating on boutique mining and generating energy. ASMC weaves the spirit of teamwork, responsible mining and integrity into their practice which shows huge respect for our mother nature. The techniques used to run the project is the surface mining strategies including stock pile and jetty techniques. As per the evidence, these techniques are able to preserve the environment without using the hazardous chemical agents such as mercury and cyanide in the mining process. Other than mining, their expertise also specialises in exploration, trading and mineral processing.

ASMC does not only work in mining operations, they extend their business to the equipment and engineering techniques used in the industry of mining. They distribute Appropriate Process Technologies (APT) modular mining equipment to engineers and suppliers in ASEAN.

For almost a decade, ASMC has been operating not only in the mining, but also in the energy industry. The location of the active mining projects is in Indonesia. Globally, Indonesia has been rated as the largest exporter for thermal coal and by 2035, they are estimated to double their exports. Without letting this golden opportunity, ASMC strategised and established their mining efforts in Indonesia. In the next 5 years, it is estimated that there will be new 70 gigawatts coal-fired power stations to be built across Asia, in which 150 million to 180 million tonnes per annum of coal is required to generate energy for the power stations.



Dolphin Application Sdh Bhd has marched forward from its first main objective – full mechanical electrical engineering, to become the influential ‘Solution Integration Provider’ for the palm oil process and palm oil milling industry. They have proven this advancement with the record of technical and practical excellence in delivering tip-top sophisticated methodology embedded in first class user assisting environments. The company undertakes in the design, development, manufacture, integration and support of technological products, services, and solutions for palm oil milling customers, regionally and internationally.

Dolphin functions in three segments such as:

1. Electro-Automation Division
2. Pneumatic and Hydraulic Engineering Division
3. Software Development Division

The projects handled by Dolphin have given the company valuable opportunities to work hand-in-hand with industry leaders such as ABB group and IFM Electronic. The company designs, develops, implements, tests and manufactures highly reliable, automated and dedicated panels to meet the needs of the demanding operational milling. Dolphin possesses unique and extensive capabilities to develop a customised solution, which involves rigidly controlled acquisition systems to maintain and access physical activity in microprocessor environments for palm oil milling industry.


ANJ Agro Plantation focuses on the innovation and operational efficiency in palm oil plantation since its establishment in 1993. The main business activities of the company include to integrate plantation and harvest of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) from palm plantations. Later, FFB will be processed into crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernels (PK) for the sales. Notably, CPO and PK will either be marketed by ANJ or through the subsidiaries.

The expansion of the business is contributed by the company’s experience and expertise. Other than the palm oil plantation, ANJ is currently extending their projects into sago projects (from harvesting to processing into sago starch), edamame cultivation with local farmers, the renewable energy business and others. ANJ is dedicated to promote innovation and efficiency in all of their business lines. In 2013, ANJ is a listed company on the Indonesian Stock Exchange that offers 10% of their shares during the Initial Public Offering.